Yes, folks, this is the Japanorama toilet page. Guess what this strange bathroom object might be....give up?
Pig Sign
When you push the button, it makes the sound of running water. Yes, loud running water, right next to the toilet.
Spiral Staircase to the Roof
Toilets in Japan have all kinds of knobs and stuff on them...except for the squatters, which I must admit, for sheer ease of use, are in many ways superior to even the most fancy heated seat.
Robot from Laputa on the Roof
Japanese toilets come with directions pasted inside of the lid. In fact, I think the only function of a toilet lid in Japan is for posting directions.
Pig Sign
Some toilets have little sinks that work the moment you flush the toilet. When the toilet is in the room the size of a broom closet, this makes a lot of good sense.
Pig Weathervane
I found this pissoir in the ladies' room at our Kyoto hotel. It took about fifteen minutes for all the women to clear out of this restroom before I could shoot this picture. I'll be darned if I'd be caught doing something so utterly perverted. Enough about toilets...